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Largo, Florida  33771

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We have used and factory re-firbished Trolley Boats for sale or lease, please see our "Prices" page for more details.  We have a very favorable in-house leasing program setup to make sure you have the best possible lease terms.  Easy to apply and get approved, no tax returns or personal information needed!

Welcome to Trolley Boats, the World's highest quality and safest amphibious vessel made!  We are proud to announce the new 2018 Trolley Boats are now in the final design stage and the first Trolley will be off the line in mid-2018.  The new designed Trolley Boat is very low maintenance and has an extremely low operational cost.  Capt. Buck has been operating the Trolley Boats for over 18 years and has personally made improvements to lower the cost of maintenance.  Now, more than ever, the Trolley Boat will be the lowest cost and safest amphibious vehicle made for maintenance and operations.  All our parts are easily available and very cost effective.  Trolley Boats in Largo, Florida stocks most of the parts and can ship parts worldwide, overnight if needed!  The new, improved, low maintenance and a dream to own and operate Trolley Boat will be soon available.  


All new Trolley Boats conform to U.S. EPA regulations as of the date of manufacture.  The Trolley Boat is the only amphibious vehicle designed and manufactured in the United States that conforms to the new EPA diesel standards!  Here at Trolley Boats, we take safety seriously.  That's why all of our trolleys come standard with a system of four cameras that give the driver a 360-degree view around the vehicle.  This, along with an audible alarm system that lets the driver know if anyone is in front, on the side or at the rear of the vehicle.  All U.S. market Trolley Boats are U.S. Coast Guard Certified for up to 48 passengers and crew!  Please visit the "Prices" page for more information. 


We are currently accepting deposits for the new 2018 Trolley Boat!!!  Be one of the first in line to take delivery of the new, updated and incredible Trolley Boat.  We have lowered the required deposit to $25,000.00 USD and the deposit is 100% refundable if you change your mind!!!  Please contact Capt. Buck at captbuck@trolleyboats.net to hold your place for the 2018 Trolley Boat.  The new boats will be qualified for partially protected waterways, which opens our areas of operation drastically!   Hurry as the delivery dates are filling up fast.  Projected delivery as of 07/28/2017 is July of 2018.


Trolley Boats are NOT DUCK BOATS (DUK/DUKW) and are in no way even close to what the old DUK boats are like.  Our boat is engineered to the highest standards both for safety and comfort.



                                        Welcome to TROLLEY BOATS where the customer is #1 and we are here for you!

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